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September 1, 1995

Dose-response relationship of levodopa with mood and anxiety in fluctuating Parkinson's disease
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

September 1995 issue
45 (9) 1757-1760


We investigated the effect of levodopa on mood and anxiety in eight Parkinson's disease patients with motor fluctuations.Each patient received 0.0-, 0.5-, and 1.0-mg/kg/hr levodopa infusions in randomly assigned order under double-blind conditions on consecutive days. Mood elevation and anxiety reduction based on half-hourly patient rating and a corresponding increase in tapping speed occurred with active drug infusion but not placebo infusion. The effects were dose related. The higher-dose infusion rate produced more rapid onset, greater magnitude, and longer duration of response. We conclude that mood and anxiety fluctuations related to levodopa dosing are robust pharmacologic, and not placebo, effects.
NEUROLOGY 1995;45: 1757-1760

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Published In

Volume 45Number 9September 1995
Pages: 1757-1760
PubMed: 7675241

Publication History

Published online: September 1, 1995
Published in print: September 1995


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Affiliations & Disclosures

From the Departments of Psychiatry (Dr. Maricle and R. Valentine), Neurology (Dr. Nutt and J. Carter), and Pharmacology (Dr. Nutt), Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR.
Supported in part by APDA Center for Advanced Research, R01-NS21062, and Clinical Research Center Grant RR00334.
Received November 18, 1994. Accepted in final form February 19, 1995.
Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. Robert A. Maricle, Department of Psychiatry--OP-02, Oregon Health Sciences University, 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland, OR 97201.

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